It's Been A Minute!

Photo by  Dion Tavenier  on  Unsplash

Photo by Dion Tavenier on Unsplash

Needless to say (though I'm saying it), lots has happened in the year and a half since we last posted! 

The easiest and most efficient way I can think of to catch everyone up to speed is a categorized list! Cue list!

  • The Biggest Thing: We're expecting our first child this October! Aahh! We're excited and nervous and trying to not let it take over our minds!
  • The Least Big But We Think Is Kinda Cool Thing: We have non-coin laundry in our new apartment building!!! YAYYY!! 
  • How are our new jobs? Larry is on year 2 of working with a UCSF mental health clinic and learning a lot! There are challenging days, but he works on a skilled team and his commute isn't bad! Whitney is just starting as Epic Movement's Recruiting Coordinator and trying to gather as much context and wisdom from her team as possible! 
  • Weather? We are infinitely blessed by the mildest weather of all weather here in SF. If we ever complain, just pinch us and tell us to stop complaining!
  • Pizza night every night still? Wha--we didn't have pizza EVERY night... that often...! ;) We're cooking at home more and Larry is insistent our baby gets as many veggies as possible while in the womb (ergo... Whitney gets lots of veggies... yayyy)
  • Best Trader Joe's Snacks: Um, this is an impossible question! Mini Dark Chocolate Mint Coins are UNSTOPPABLE, Olive Oil Popcorn, All of the dried fruit, Peanut Butter Granola, aaaaand Chicken Drumellas (because... chicken nuggets are delicious)! There are more... but I will go and buy more snacks if I think about it too much
  • Sunset District vs. Western Addition: Also an impossible comparison! Our new district (Sunset) is quiet, cozy, and very close to the ocean. Our former district (W.A.) was loud, walkable, and very close to the center of the city. Basically, we're progressively getting less fun but it's fine... we're in our thirties now ;). 
  • Best Trips from 2017-2018: Yikes, so many good ones! Portland, Austin, Shanghai, New York City, and Santa Barbara... all top notch trips for both work and play!
  • Life Hacks Learned? Baking soda + Hydrogen Peroxide + Steel Wool = SHINY STAINLESS STEEL! WOW! 

Thanks for following along! Hope it was semi-entertaining while still being somewhat informative (Middle of the road, people!)! 

We always want to share more about what we're doing both in our lives and with Epic Movement--please don't hesitate to reach out! :)

Larry's Transition Off Staff

(This was in our most recent newsletter! But in case you missed it!) 
Much of our August contained the following: getting over jetlag, catching up with family and friends, soaking in the last bits of summer, and preparing for fall—primarily Larry’s transition off staff. Since we’ve already been receiving questions, we thought we could do a quick Q&A regarding this change.

Q) Why is Larry transitioning off staff ?

A) Starting Sept. 2, Larry will continue to pursue his Masters degree in Social Work at San Jose State. In the first two years of his MSW program, Larry was able to attend as a part-time graduate student. However, now in order to complete his program, Larry will need to focus his time on his studies. After receiving his degree, he plans to pursue licensure and become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).

Q) Is Whitney also transitioning off staff ?

A) No, she will continue leading the Epic Missional Team in San Francisco.

Q) Will Larry be involved with Epic ministry at all?

A) Yes, Larry will transition to official spousal affiliate staff with Epic Movement! As Larry works in mental health settings, we see so much overlap in values, care, and service between Epic Movement/Cru and the social work world. Larry is still ministering to people with the love of Christ, yet in a different context and capacity. Epic will continue to be a significant part of both of our callings and vision to reach people for Christ. We will trust God's leading -- even if He calls Larry back to Epic Movement/Cru someday!

Q) What does this mean in terms of support?

A) Whitney will continue to be a supported staff member of Cru. Your generous support continues to support Whitney and thus our family. Larry won’t be taking any paying work in order to focus on school. Thankfully, our current staff account number remains unchanged so there’s nothing you need to do to continue giving!

Q) How can I pray for/encourage you in this time?

A) Epic has been an amazing home for Larry, and the last ten years have been ones of growth, learning, and fun! You can pray that we grieve and celebrate well—we feel sad, but also thankful for all God has given and done for us! Please pray we continue to trust God for His provision, timing, and grace! And if you’re at all able/willing, Larry would love to hear from you any encouragements for him and this new chapter or even what his Epic/Cru involvement has meant to you. Thank you so much!

The Fall Retreat = Answered Prayers

Thank you so much for praying! It was SUCH a great weekend! In fact, it was so much fun, I (Whitney) now have a cold (not fun)! Everyone got there and returned safely... the messages were powerful and engaging... and the students made friends!! YAY!

As Epic staff, I always hope for and pray for opportunities for our students to be who God created them to be--whether that's being a good student (and studying hard) or playing strategy-based games or sharing their story. And I'm so grateful to the Lord that this weekend seemed to be that for most of our students! 

Our friend and fellow Epic staff, Jonathan Le, spoke on creation, fall, and redemption and urged us toward a compassionate response to ourselves and other people because that's how God responds to us. And Larry led a seminar with one of our Berkeley students, Steph, about dismantling the shame of mental illness and engaging others with that struggle with kindness and compassion. One of our students shared during a campfire time: "I have a mental illness... and it's nice to know I'm not alone. And if you have a mental illness, you also are not alone." 

I'm so proud of our students who took steps to be vulnerable and care for one another. Hopefully we get to do this again next year! And hopefully the relationships made here will carry on beyond this weekend! 

Thank you so much for praying! And praise the Lord for answering!! 

Please Pray for The FIRST EVER NorCal Epic Fall Retreat


This weekend Epic Movement in the Bay Area and Northern California is embarking on a monumental experience... historical even: the first-ever ALL Northern California Epic Movement Fall Retreat!!! 

Whitney's staff team, alongside student-intern Lydia Yee (Sacramento State) and volunteer staff Jerry Wong (San Jose State) have been working, promoting, praying, and hoping fervently for this weekend since early April this year! We're excited to see what God will do for our young student groups (no group is older than 1 year old!)! We have students from UC Davis, Sacramento State, UC Berkeley, SF State, San Jose State, and University of San Francisco coming to gain vision and learn about God! 

Larry's good friend (and groomsman in our wedding!), and our fellow Epic staff Jonathan Le is coming all the way from Austin, TX to share with us and our students! Larry will also be leading a mental health seminar alongside one of our students, dismantling stigmas and creating dialogue using the things he's been learning in school!!

We need for us to seek the Lord, together, for this retreat. Please pray for:

- Jonathan's (our speaker) full health and that he would speak with the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus' Name!

- Our students' engagement throughout the weekend (It's midterms season so the temptation toward distraction/isolation is at an all-time high)

- Breakthrough and freedom to be felt amidst all our students

- Great connections between students--that they would find friendships and community through this retreat!

- Travel and health mercies upon everyone coming to and going from this retreat!

- God to speak and meet our students at this retreat!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your prayers sustain us and are crucial in having a successful and restful retreat! Thank you for your generosity of time and prayers as you lift us up!


A NEWsletter and a New Brother in Christ!

Our September 2015 prayer letter is out! Please e-mail us for a copy!

In the newsletter we share some exciting news: we have a new brother in Christ! Whitney's teammate, Chris met a student at SF State named Noel who was wanting to know more about following Jesus. Through a couple meetings, Chris asked Noel if he'd like to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior... and Noel said, "Yes!" !! 


Please continue praying for Noel and his growing faith and trust in God! Thank you!!