Larry's Transition Off Staff

(This was in our most recent newsletter! But in case you missed it!) 
Much of our August contained the following: getting over jetlag, catching up with family and friends, soaking in the last bits of summer, and preparing for fall—primarily Larry’s transition off staff. Since we’ve already been receiving questions, we thought we could do a quick Q&A regarding this change.

Q) Why is Larry transitioning off staff ?

A) Starting Sept. 2, Larry will continue to pursue his Masters degree in Social Work at San Jose State. In the first two years of his MSW program, Larry was able to attend as a part-time graduate student. However, now in order to complete his program, Larry will need to focus his time on his studies. After receiving his degree, he plans to pursue licensure and become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).

Q) Is Whitney also transitioning off staff ?

A) No, she will continue leading the Epic Missional Team in San Francisco.

Q) Will Larry be involved with Epic ministry at all?

A) Yes, Larry will transition to official spousal affiliate staff with Epic Movement! As Larry works in mental health settings, we see so much overlap in values, care, and service between Epic Movement/Cru and the social work world. Larry is still ministering to people with the love of Christ, yet in a different context and capacity. Epic will continue to be a significant part of both of our callings and vision to reach people for Christ. We will trust God's leading -- even if He calls Larry back to Epic Movement/Cru someday!

Q) What does this mean in terms of support?

A) Whitney will continue to be a supported staff member of Cru. Your generous support continues to support Whitney and thus our family. Larry won’t be taking any paying work in order to focus on school. Thankfully, our current staff account number remains unchanged so there’s nothing you need to do to continue giving!

Q) How can I pray for/encourage you in this time?

A) Epic has been an amazing home for Larry, and the last ten years have been ones of growth, learning, and fun! You can pray that we grieve and celebrate well—we feel sad, but also thankful for all God has given and done for us! Please pray we continue to trust God for His provision, timing, and grace! And if you’re at all able/willing, Larry would love to hear from you any encouragements for him and this new chapter or even what his Epic/Cru involvement has meant to you. Thank you so much!