It's Been A Minute!

Photo by  Dion Tavenier  on  Unsplash

Photo by Dion Tavenier on Unsplash

Needless to say (though I'm saying it), lots has happened in the year and a half since we last posted! 

The easiest and most efficient way I can think of to catch everyone up to speed is a categorized list! Cue list!

  • The Biggest Thing: We're expecting our first child this October! Aahh! We're excited and nervous and trying to not let it take over our minds!
  • The Least Big But We Think Is Kinda Cool Thing: We have non-coin laundry in our new apartment building!!! YAYYY!! 
  • How are our new jobs? Larry is on year 2 of working with a UCSF mental health clinic and learning a lot! There are challenging days, but he works on a skilled team and his commute isn't bad! Whitney is just starting as Epic Movement's Recruiting Coordinator and trying to gather as much context and wisdom from her team as possible! 
  • Weather? We are infinitely blessed by the mildest weather of all weather here in SF. If we ever complain, just pinch us and tell us to stop complaining!
  • Pizza night every night still? Wha--we didn't have pizza EVERY night... that often...! ;) We're cooking at home more and Larry is insistent our baby gets as many veggies as possible while in the womb (ergo... Whitney gets lots of veggies... yayyy)
  • Best Trader Joe's Snacks: Um, this is an impossible question! Mini Dark Chocolate Mint Coins are UNSTOPPABLE, Olive Oil Popcorn, All of the dried fruit, Peanut Butter Granola, aaaaand Chicken Drumellas (because... chicken nuggets are delicious)! There are more... but I will go and buy more snacks if I think about it too much
  • Sunset District vs. Western Addition: Also an impossible comparison! Our new district (Sunset) is quiet, cozy, and very close to the ocean. Our former district (W.A.) was loud, walkable, and very close to the center of the city. Basically, we're progressively getting less fun but it's fine... we're in our thirties now ;). 
  • Best Trips from 2017-2018: Yikes, so many good ones! Portland, Austin, Shanghai, New York City, and Santa Barbara... all top notch trips for both work and play!
  • Life Hacks Learned? Baking soda + Hydrogen Peroxide + Steel Wool = SHINY STAINLESS STEEL! WOW! 

Thanks for following along! Hope it was semi-entertaining while still being somewhat informative (Middle of the road, people!)! 

We always want to share more about what we're doing both in our lives and with Epic Movement--please don't hesitate to reach out! :)