God loves cities. God loves people. 

We're trusting God to continue transforming cities and lives everywhere. Many people come to San Francisco and the Bay Area looking for acceptance and freedom to be who they are. We love that about this place. Yet we dream of a day when the city of San Francisco flies the flag of Jesus in the streets and when its people, out of wholeness and healing sing and shout praises to His Name! 

Epic Movement's vision is to see the world reached with Christ's love through Asian Americans. 

Our strategy to reach that vision: Win, Build, Send


Many students in San Francisco reject Christianity because they may have had negative experiences with Christian people or the Christian culture, but sadly few really know who Jesus really was or what he stood for. We believe these students deserve to know the good news of who Jesus is and what he has done to restore, embrace and redeem people he loves. Therefore, we seek to win them for Christ by training students to courageously and lovingly proclaim the good news. 


When students come to faith, we want to disciple them into maturity by integrating them into a supportive and authentic community. The truths of the Gospel cannot simply be known intellectually; they must be experienced relationally.  Therefore, we seek to create a new community where students can experience living out Kingdom values together with other brothers and sisters in Christ while also being mentored personally by a seasoned Christian.


After discipling these students, we seek to send every student out to be a missionary and disciple-maker wherever they go. Whether they are sent into the workplace to influence their companies, or into their churches to serve as leaders, or into full-time ministry, they are sent out as ambassadors and representatives for Christ to reach the world for Him.