We love to be a part of what God's doing in San Francisco, the Bay Area, and beyond, but we simply don't know enough people to partner with! A vital way you can help ensure that we continue to serve with Epic Movement in San Francisco is by connecting us with people you know who have a heart for missions. 


Connect us to them through e-mail or Facebook:

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I want to introduce you to my friends, Larry & Whitney Tu. I partner with Larry and Whitney in their ministry with Epic Movement (ministry of Cru, formerly Campus Crusade for Christ), an interdenominational Christian ministry committed to giving  every person in the world the opportunity to hear the gospel. As I think about their outreach, I thought it would be something you would be interested in. I believe that you will enjoy hearing the positive impact of their ministry, and I would encourage you to prayerfully consider partnering with them.

Larry and Whitney are currently meeting with others who have a heart for spreading the gospel to tell them more specifically about their ministry and how they can be involved financially. As I heard from them, I was greatly encouraged by their passion for the Lord and His work. Please consider sitting down with them for a visit in the next few weeks. They have a limited time to form their partnership team, so the sooner you can connect the better!

Their website has lots of information about their ministry if you would like to check it out in advance (www.larryandwhitney.com). They will get back with you to find a time and way to connect within the week. If you have any questions about Larry and Whitney, or their ministry, please get in touch!